Motion controller application in PCB NC drilling machine

According to the PRISMARK estimates, in 2005 the global PCB market size of US $ 39.494 billion, 2006 market further? 42.635 billion dollars in 2005, representing a growth of 10%. Sharp rise in the second half of 2005 sales of PCB market, sweeping away the weaker trend of PCB market in the first half. In 2006, the PCB expansion frenzy, more obvious momentum of capital increase, producers are optimistic forecasts, PCB market growth will remain strong this year.

Most of the PCB industry says, because hand orders, production lines have all been filled under order pressure, the PCB factory began actively expanding production capacity. Despite the crazy expansion of production capacity, but due to increased demand, 2006 PCB industry is still full of energy, the Organization forecast 06 PCB is still the hot products in electronics market.