PCB plating bath solutions of control principle

PCB plating bath solutions control the main purpose is to keep all the chemical ingredients in the process within the specified range. Because it is only within the parameters stipulated in the process, to ensure that the chemical and physical properties of the coating. Method of control used by a variety of types, including chemical analysis, physical testing and the determination of acid value, proportion or colorimetric determination of aqueous solution. The parameters of these methods is to ensure that the bath accuracy, consistency and stability. Control method of choice is determined by product type.

High throwing power, bright acid copper plating bath by parameters, is provided through the chemical method of analysis data be adjusted or adjusted; electroless copper plating solution in addition to chemical analysis, PH or colorimetric determination of acid value and so on. If after analysis of the chemical composition in the context of technology; you must pay attention to changes in other parameters and substrate plating surface, such as the bath temperature, current density, loading method and effect of substrate surface State on bath. In particular, control of inorganic impurities in bright acidic copper plating-zinc, allowed by technology more than the regulation value, will directly affect the surfaces of copper; tin-lead alloy electroplating bath must be strict control of copper impurity content, if more than a certain amount, it affects the wetting of tin-lead alloy plating and soldering performance and protection.