Advantages Of LED Light PCB

LED light PCB advantages, in the ongoing progress of society, people on the life of the lighting requirements are getting higher and higher. So compared with the traditional lighting, LED Light PCB in the end what are the advantages? The following LED Light PCB has the advantage for the vast number of consumers to do a simple analysis: Compared with the traditional lamps, LED Light PCB has the following characteristics:
First, LED Light PCB long life:
High power consumption, low power consumption, low heat, less heat, do not occur security risks, high security factor, LED lighting is a solid light source, epoxy resin package, luminous body is not easy Loose, there is no filament easy to burn, heat accumulation, high light failure and other defects, the service life of up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours, is 30 times the popular light, equivalent to three years of continuous lighting.
Second, LED Light PCB use limited:
Home lighting, office lighting, ceiling lighting, residential lighting, stalls shops, shopping malls supermarkets, restaurants, bars, restaurants, cafes, entertainment occasions, family night light, festive atmosphere lights. Engineering and so on.
Third, LED Light PCB energy efficient:
Low-voltage drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.05W). Luminous power conversion close to 98% of the hair, LED Light PCB than traditional energy-saving lamps 60% -80% energy saving, and the device sensitive and convenient, durable and reliable.
Fourth, LED Light PCB Green:
Light without UV no infrared, no radiation, light results soft, no flicker, can be frequency Kai, are true green lighting, LED lighting is not fever. Does not contain mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, conducive to accept the takeover and secondary application The
Light source is the main factor affecting the perception of human eye color, and led light source color is the main idea of lighting thinking thinking. As a result, pleasant color and color is the design of the lighting is not a major part of the general easy to dim, echo fast and small size of the integrated LED light source will be the future of green energy-efficient light source, but the LED Light PCB must be out of the traditional lighting format, get a reasonable design. In the future, the market demand for more and more humane lighting, variable color temperature will become the future development trend of new lamps.
The future LED light PCB lighting production enterprises should be vigorous bias is: accurate view led lighting, brightness-oriented, supply a reasonable light distribution curve, reduce glare, improve the color and color temperature of the diversification, complete led integrated modular, Standardized and standardized, by lighting the use of units to lead the design bias, out of the traditional format and create a new look of LED Light PCB.
LED Light PCB energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the national low-carbon green sustainable development model, is the future direction of the main lighting products, by the community in particular, commercial and home improvement users of concern. LED Light PCB colorful, the color of the advantages of other products can not match the lighting. And LED Light PCB easy to control, through the digital control technology, to achieve the effect of dynamic lighting. At the same time small size, diverse styles change, you can make the lamp shape more unique and creative.
LED Light PCB with LED light source, the lighting effect gives the visual experience soft, uniform.
LED Light PCB is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light shot under the lighting. It is the biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity of building decoration and perfect, not because of the installation of the lamp and destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art.
LED Light PCB development there is a certain resistance: the main reason for its resistance is the price of LED Light PCB expensive. But the LED Light PCB other performance than the general performance of a lot of light, high luminous efficiency, reliability, better, can greatly save the cost of maintenance after installation. LED light PCB in the initial cost of a lot higher than the traditional lighting. But suitable for users who need to use lamps for a long time, because the LED Light PCB will consume less than the total cost of traditional lighting.
Summary LED industry trends LED light PCB development prospects. LED light PCB using LED light source, its advantage is better than traditional incandescent lamp. LED Light PCB use a wide range of applications, mainly used in the family, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, bars, hotels, disco, karaoke OK, Western restaurants, cafes, clubs, windows ceiling lighting.