Excuse Me Indoor LED Light PCB Attention Quality Still Pay Attention To Price

Excuse me Indoor LED Light PCB attention quality still pay attention to price

"Indoor LED Light PCB, please pay attention to quality or price?" many people ask this question, each have different, dealers pay more attention to the price, consumers pay attention to quality, there is a miracle of a small number of consumers pay attention to quality and price together, try to ask, is this possible? A girl is a girl, a boy is a boy, where a man and a woman are born. So, there is no best quality on the one hand, on the one hand, it is the cheapest price products, cheap Indoor LED Light PCB products is based on using indoor LED headlamp unit of some cheap material compression cheap cost, hence the price cheap, cheap material, is often difficult to have a quality assurance, so the price of cheap quality of Indoor LED Light PCB don't want to be good to go.

Generally appear on the market at present the cheap led shoot the light, cheap led ceiling lamp, cheap led panel lights, led bean pot lamp and cheap cheap indoor article led lights to hit the market, attract the consumer individual covet is cheap, businessman just publicity, part get cheap customer, do a business. No long-term cooperation. So, low-cost Indoor LED Light PCB are for short - term customers.

With Indoor LED Light PCB lighting technology, manufacturing technology, application technology and labor costs rise, and the serious problem of environmental degradation disorderly economic development, national energy conservation and emissions reduction under pressure, LED lighting applications is point, many consumers with party a's application is no longer the pursuit of cheap Indoor LED Light PCBs and lanterns, after all, the cheap cost of Indoor LED Light PCBs and lanterns is transparent, a lot of attention to the quality of party a's customer pursuit in different environment, Indoor LED Light PCBs and lanterns has wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, metamorphic resistance, resistance to pollution, innovative product appearance, can change a light wreck and light color, light to eyes impact failure and illuminant, these various demands, is not cheap cheap Indoor LED Light PCB can have. Low - priced services do not buy satisfactory products.

Many customers call to ask, ask whether Indoor LED Light PCB manufacturer, then the home wants to decorate, need some LED to shoot the light, LED day flower lamp, ask price how much? General Indoor LED Light PCB manufacturer salesman will then depending on the situation and requirements, the corresponding Indoor LED Light PCBs and lanterns price then customers tend to say, your family, good Indoor LED Light PCB, it only costs a few dollars a few dollars, the depressed response would make a lot of quality of Indoor LED Light PCB factory salesman's speechless.

Many clients in taobao looked cheap Indoor LED Light PCB and other electronic products, but knowing that taobao is now brush single fraudulent false comments and false praise, again afraid the taobao taobao shop utter individual price due to too cheap quality is bad, so there will be a part of the customer to call some of taobao Indoor LED Light PCB manufacturer to inquire about the price of Indoor LED Light PCB, but ask down the results of the very speechless, prices vary considerably.

And why the same Indoor LED Light PCB prices vary considerably and it has a lot of reasons, the raw materials have good or bad, just like lamps and lanterns of finished product, is a few class, all build up Indoor LED Light PCB products prices will have different levels of quality and price differences, and consumers should think the same Indoor LED Light PCB difference is not big, so easily bought package mail again the cheapest indoor LED electronic products, because everyone has a keen on gaining petty advantages of psychology, and it is precisely this showed psychology LED to some low-end inferior Indoor LED Light PCB manufacturer, specialized in manufacturing some cheap low-end inferior Indoor LED Light PCBs and lanterns to the consumer, do one-time business.

In fact Indoor LED Light PCB, including indoor article LED lights, LED project-light lamp, etc., now a lot of unscrupulous Indoor LED Light PCB manufacturers to cut corners, in the same wattage of the shell, such as a 100 - watt LED project-light lamp, actually it only took 20 watts chip to do, so there is the wattage, but the price can sell very cheap, it is sold to the common pursuit of cheap consumer don't understand the lamps and lanterns, and LED chips generally use more time chip, phosphor, cheap, but many don't know phosphor is poor use process will affect vision, make the person's eyesight attenuation

What can lead to Indoor LED Light PCB finished product is cheap. 1: professional light distribution technology, inaccurate on the market a lot of light distribution of LED track lights, these lights make the effect is not very good, the other light distribution in general have a choose from 2 to 4 Angle that is the best. No. 2: there is also a relationship between power and power, the high price of power is high, and the other is related to the explicit reference, which is more expensive than the low explicit reference. 3: the quality of power supply, a good power supply can be 3 to 5 years of choose and employ persons is no problem, the power of the poor with a 1-2 years it broke the price also is 20 to 30 yuan, 4: light source types and brands, have a plenty of Indoor LED Light PCB, have a plenty of COB, COB light, more expensive than Indoor LED Light PCB, in addition, COB have imported brands and domestic, import brands than domestic your 3-4 times, 5: is the shell material, good materials, good heat dissipation, the service life of lamps and lanterns is long, so the LED ceiling price in the market will have a lot of, a few dozen, who has more than 100, more than 200, in the LED industry, a penny a points goods, what materials to correspond to what price, also more transparent. This has LED to confusion in the market for Indoor LED Light PCBs.