Guanghua Science And Technology: PCB Wet-chemical Enterprises, The New Project Read More

Company enjoys leadership in domestic PCB wet chemical enterprises. The company's main business is the PCB chemicals and reagents, capacity of 26,000 tons of PCB chemical, chemistry reagent production capacity of 13,000 tons.

Company since 2002 to develop PCB chemicals, at present, there are 40-50 products can compete with international companies, occupy the domestic market three; chemical reagents company currently ranks third in the country in sales, market share is around 6%. With with PCB industry to domestic transfer, related reagents of imports alternative is for among, 2008 yiqian domestic of PCB chemicals market space not to global market of 10%, but now domestic market space has accounted for to global market space of nearly 50%, is expected to with PCB industry of further transfer, in 5 years within domestic market space will rose to global space of 70%-80%, company tightly caught this a opportunity, constantly development new products keep competitiveness, Second half of the year will have a range of high performance products and environmentally-friendly products. In terms of chemical reagents, the company actively explore the markets of the North, may and some local manufacturers to develop the market.