High Voltage Outdoor LED Light PCB Superiority

High voltage Outdoor LED Light PCB superiority
We know that the Chinese LED is "light-emitting diode", it is fundamentally only a "diode." And is working in the forward diodes. In the past, as long as the high back pressure diode, it refers to the high reverse breakdown voltage. If the operation in the positive, then it must be the higher the voltage, the greater the current. But this high-voltage LED is the biggest feature of high voltage, small current. What is it all about?
      Let's first look at the advantages of high-voltage Outdoor LED Light PCB:
1, high light efficiency. It is made up of multi-core chips in series, after practicing test light efficiency and ordinary with the wattage of the light source to be 5-10% higher.
2, the light source some of the superiority. Because the traditional low VF value of the light source is more than N after the string and after the use of welding labor costs remain high, and poor welding of goods after another, and then affect the production capacity and bring a lot of second capital.
3, linear power supply to save money. Outdoor LED Light PCB Mentioned that some people may say that the linear constant current power is low, in fact, depends on how you use, nearly two years since the market showed a lot of linear constant current driver IC performance is also good, I tested the past A constant current IC called RY8201 has a power of 0.9 or more. Because the linear constant current IC is small, the surrounding components such as the absolute advantage of the power to drive some of the direct production on the PCB above, and then save the installation of power storage space and installed power (but also on the power to do) and so on Of the links, and then make the cost of control, storage, production capacity, delivery and other advantages of the cost of highlighting.
4, light failure. Because the traditional light source is made through the N-string N and made, it is well known that VF inconsistent light source and together will form the light source on the load power is different, and then the formation of some light source premature aging or dead light, and then form The light of the whole lamp is accelerating. And high-pressure lamp beads is a multi-string method, easy to deal with these questions.
5, low power requirements. Power supply quotes and failure rate is high over the years has always been to prevent the professional to carry out the primary question, and high-pressure LED, it has the inherent advantages, through a small number of light source deployment of linear constant current driver can complete the LED efficient and safe Stable operation.
In order to echo the national call to join the environmental protection career, the company entered the LED lighting this career, in this career over the years found that LED lighting shopping malls are really chaotic, all kinds of cottage unqualified goods rampant. In the national energy-saving emission reduction call me around a lot of brothers are testing the use of Outdoor LED Light PCB, that is because the country's poor supervision of the mall, shopping malls on a variety of substandard goods not only caused many of the many brothers in the Strokes, not hung up a few days to burn, that is, looking for people who do not see aftermarket. Brothers know that I engaged in this career, are asking me how to choose Outdoor LED Light PCB.
    Today, here on the contact with your own experience to talk about how to choose Outdoor LED Light PCB, such as the gods of different ways to look forward to my advice.

    How to choose qualified, good, healthy, really long life Outdoor LED Light PCB, some of the basic terms and some too deep common sense is not to explain to us, the basic terms of the hundred know about it, too deep you also use Less, so mainly from the following aspects:
1: LED energy-saving principle, how much energy can save, how much money?
2: LED operating principle, affecting its energy-saving role, the elements of life.
3: what kind of LED lights is a good LED lights?
4: how to pick a really good LED lights?