How Does The User Choose The Car Light PCB?

How does the user choose the Car Light PCB?
  LED lights according to the voltage points, there are low-voltage lights and high-voltage Car Light PCB two categories. General users should choose low-voltage low-voltage lights Car Light PCB, because such a lamp lamp life will be higher, while the light effect will be preferred.
  Lamp light efficiency of the Car Light PCB is also related to the power factor, if the power factor is greater, then the light will be the better light effect of Car Light PCB light. The general market to sell the power of the Car Light PCB power factor is mostly 0.5 up and down, the price is cheaper, for most users is still a good price. Some light effect of the light of the Car Light PCB, although their power factor up to 0.99, but this high price of the Car Light PCB, not so suitable for ordinary users.
  When the lights in the use of Car Light PCB, will be the heat, so users buy Car Light PCB (Qingdao lights Car Light PCB) when the best selection of high quality lights Car Light PCB.
  Users in the selection, the lamp lamp lamp beads should also be selected good quality, because the replacement of the Car Light PCB beads is a very troublesome thing.
  Now, the quality of the Car Light PCB uneven, we use the eyes to distinguish between good and bad, is basically very difficult. Buy a Car Light PCB to buy the best brand products (such as Karl photoelectric), the quality of these manufacturers of Car Light PCB is relatively perfect!
 On the application of Car Light PCB, lamp cost is the most important factor. The cost of the Car Light PCB includes two parts, one is the initial purchase cost of the lamp, depending on the market price of the lamp (Car Light PCB); the second is the cost of the lamp, depending on the lamp life, the electricity cost and Maintenance costs and other factors.
    The current price of the lamp is still much higher than the traditional lighting fixtures, up to 40 times, the minimum is more than 2 times. According to the lamp manufacturing process and parts prices, the price of the lamp will always be higher than the traditional lamps, but the spread will be further reduced. In the current domestic lighting conditions and the use of electricity prices level, the lamp consumes electricity and maintenance costs lower than the same effect of traditional lamps.
    Based on the cost cycle analysis of the life cycle of the lamp, the full-cycle cost of the LED bulb has been significantly lower than that of the traditional lighting. With a clear competitive advantage. The LED straight tube lamp life cycle cost and traditional lighting is basically flat, is expected in 2012 will show a more obvious cost advantage, to achieve the use of alternative promotion.
    In the light of the Car Light PCB, used to replace the 250W high pressure sodium lamp lamp, the cost of the lamp and tunnel lights should be lower than the cost of traditional lighting, the cost gap of about 30%, lights and tunnels and other competitive advantages Has been revealed. According to the continuous improvement of the price of the Car Light PCB, the performance of the continuous improvement of the trend is expected before 2013, the vast majority of the lamp life cycle of the comprehensive cost of Car Light PCB will be significantly lower than the traditional lighting, as the mainstream lighting,
    China's automotive Car Light PCB application market has begun to form, is expected with the domestic Car Light PCB product subsidies and other support policies introduced and implemented, the domestic automotive Car Light PCB application market will appear in the past two years, rapid growth. With the continuous improvement of the performance of semiconductor lighting products and manufacturing costs continue to decline, but also with the relevant application environment, such as standards, product certification and testing, engineering design and demonstration, related policies and other industrial environment, Will maintain a high growth rate between 2011 and 2015. According to the lamp data, it is expected in 2015 its share in the lighting market will be raised to about 30%, becoming one of the most competitive mainstream lighting source.