How To Buy Genuine LED Light PCB From The Network And Lighting Shop

How to buy genuine LED Light PCB from the network and lighting shop
     LED Light PCB development for some time, now in the decorative market to become the first choice, as a convergence of energy-saving lamps of the generation of new green semiconductor lighting, LED Light PCB now have a low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life, etc., so that LED Light PCB to become the mainstream trend, and more LED manufacturers of LED Light PCB are also in this market competition fiery.
     At present, LED Light PCB market is poor, chaotic, security issues, many markets to buy back the LED Light PCB to the regulatory agencies are not qualified, especially from Taobao cheap to buy back the LED Light PCB is so much, so many Consumers do not understand the truth, the purchase is often a number of poor LED manufacturers or agents of the individual Taobao sellers misleading, blind pursuit of cheap, high brightness, shape, ignoring the overall characteristics of the lamp, especially Taobao, Taobao is a personal Sellers, non-direct LED Light PCB manufacturers, with an ID card can register Taobao shop free shop, practitioners quality uneven, and Taobao is the most important feature is not responsible, at most, selling a number of poor quality Of the products off Taobao shop to open a Taobao shop only, the illegal cost is very low, therefore, Taobao LED Light PCB with a false propaganda, false photo, the entire page to promote his LED Light PCB is a formal brand factory, How many passes the quality of the test, the chip with pure gold line, aluminum with more heavy, power with a good constant current source, the entire light warranty for 10 years no problem And so boasted, exaggerated the quality, and the vast majority of consumers to buy those lamps, in fact, most of the use of a week or individual less than a week on the whole bad light, good luck some consumers can use A month or so, and return to the sale, the basic after-sale cost is very high, 3 dollars to buy a bulb, to 15 yuan to 22 yuan from the Amoy freight, think about how high aftermarket costs, and some personal Taobao LED Light PCB sellers almost a few months to the basic sold off the store to leave, many can not find Taobao shop.
     Therefore, ordinary consumers blindly do not understand the LED Light PCB decoration, blind pursuit of the cheapest price, but also want the best quality, this is completely impossible to achieve, often caused their own situation of more losses, the high cost of after-sales , Pick up the bargain but picked up the quality of goods, more serious individual prices cheaper, low quality LED Light PCB will also lead to a capacitor explosion and trigger a fire burning the ceiling, which have been reported in the relevant news before, these Are the use of cheap LED Light PCB caused by the PCB.
First of all, the cheap LED Light PCB there are serious problems with the virtual standard, the actual life of fictional exaggeration. Li Gong Taobao up with cheap LED flood light and LED spotlights told reporters that this LED flood light tag reads 100 watts, although the appearance of the original 100 watts led flood light the same appearance, but the actual 100 Tile LED flood light actually only 40 watts, there is a clear phenomenon of virtual standard cheating. This 100-watt chip is clearly less than the wattage of the led chip, in addition, this 100-watt led cast light shell is metal, with the actual 100-watt aviation aluminum shell there is a huge cost difference, iron heat is extremely bad, cheap , And burn the probability of led chip than aluminum to improve the gap of 200%. In addition, the 100-watt led flood light inside the built-in power supply is bare board power supply, and is capacitive capacity, security problems, no power factor, capacitance IC and other spare parts are the cheapest quality of the worst one The With the actual 100-watt led flood light material gap is really ten thousand miles. So consumers choose cheap LED Light PCB, that is not good to actually buy a bomb at any time from time to time bombs, the quality and actual wattage are not reached, not the consumer has been affordable, a penny Goods, is the cheap price can only get such a poor quality of the LED Light PCB.
 In addition, led nominal life of 100,000 hours, in fact, LED light flux lumen will be affected by many factors. Light decay speed is different, so the nominal LED Light PCB life is no reliability.
     Look at a cheap Taobao led spotlights, and LED Light PCB cup, the two chips all with less than the number of watts to do the chip, the power supply is the most simple structure of the RC power supply to do, the current less than tile, 3 watts Led spotlights actually only 1.5 watts, aluminum is also extremely poor material, not reach the cooling standard. A penny of goods, the product price is built on such a low cost of the product up, buy a cheap LED Light PCB, is the consumer has been affordable it? In fact, it is not a consumer silly, a penny is a stuff. There is no good goods cheap, good goods are not cheap.