How To Distinguish The LED Light PCB Good And Bad

How to distinguish the LED Light PCB good and bad
LED lights and other lamps compared to the lamp, the strengths are very outstanding: energy saving, longevity, green. However, LED light PCB quality difference is very large, consumers do not know how to pick? In view of the current flat-panel lamp market price of the vicious competition, a large number of substandard goods listed (professionals called (bad goods, bad goods, bad goods), has now violated the LED energy saving, longevity, environmental protection and other real value, In violation of the LED skills applied to the meaning of the scope of integrated ceiling, and seriously affected the integrated development of the ceiling LED light PCB. How to distinguish the LED light PCB is good or bad, should proceed from the following aspects:
First, look at all the "lamp power factor": low power factor, clarify the use of the drive power, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the use of luminous life, low power factor, President of the president.
Power element bump, with "power factor meter" can be checked out! Often export LED lamp power factor required to reach 0.85 or more. Power factor less than 0.5, it should be said that substandard goods or refuse goods, not only short life, and the actual cost of electricity than the nominal to be doubled, that is, with ordinary energy-saving lamps, simply do not save Electricity! So, that is why the LED light needs to be equipped with high quality, high power drive power!
There is no "power factor meter" of consumers, there is a way to use the "ammeter" to check the two nominal power of similar goods, the greater the current and the greater the current harmonics, to clarify the practice of electricity consumption is large, also No more electricity! Together, the current instability, the number of lamp beads and the number of lanterns of all the lights unlucky!
Second, look at the "lamp cooling conditions - information, structure": LED Light PCB cooling is also very important, the same power factor lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, light beads at high temperatures, light Bad will be great, the number of lamps will be reduced.
At present, the choice of heat dissipation data mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity than aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity than the PC is good, now integrated ceiling with flat lamp radiator data is usually the most with aluminum, the best plug Aluminum, aluminum (aluminum, aluminum extrusion) followed, the worst is cast aluminum, aluminum foil heat sink the best!
If you use the air convection method to heat, be sure to deal with the circuit, the power of the insulation problem. Otherwise, the lamps and lanterns in the relatively humid environment of the operation, prone to short circuit, resulting in security incidents!
Third, look at the "light bead quality": the quality of light beads decided on the chip quality and packaging skills.
Chip brand is divided into three camps:
The first camp to Europe and the United States, Japan as the representative of the manufacturers, mainly including Career, OSRAM, Nichia Chemical, Toyota synthesis;
The second camp to the United States, South Korea, China Taiwan as the representative of the manufacturers, mainly including Purui, Xu Ming, Seoul, crystal yuan, Thai Valley, Guang Jia, the new century;
The third camp to domestic representatives of the manufacturers, mainly three security, Di Yuan, Blu-ray, Shi Lan Ming core, Lu Mei and so on. Chip quality resolution lamp beads brightness and light failure. Good light beads not only light through the bright, and the light is also small.
Fourth, look at the use of lighting equipment, power supply, the use of power supply compared to other lamps, the number of longevity is much shorter, the number of life of the power supply of the whole life of the lamp, lamp beads theoretical longevity of 5-10 million Hour, and the power of the number of life in the 0.2-3 million hours, the power of the design and selection of information will be decided to use the power supply life.
5, see the light effect: the same lamp beads power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same brightness of the lighting, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy efficient.
Six, see the power supply, the higher the power power the better, the higher the power itself to explain the smaller power consumption, the greater the output power.
Seven, is to see is not fit safety norms? China's LED Light PCB safety regulations have been introduced, according to the national safety regulations selected LED lights PCB.
Eight is to see work is not sophisticated?
A good quality LED Light PCB, in addition to the above mentioned several primary aspects, but also based on the use of different environments, there are different skills needs, such as moisture, dust, anti-magnetic, anti-lightning and so on.