How To Identify The Quality Of The Car Light PCB

How to identify the quality of the Car Light PCB
 The feasibility and sophistication of the use of lighting in the car begins at the beginning of the 20th century. The first use of kerosene lamp and acetylene lamp, began to use electric light in 1910, has experienced incandescent, halogen and high-intensity discharge gas HID, then entered the Car Light PCB era.
With the country to vigorously promote the Car Light PCB, making the rapid growth and popularity of Car Light PCB products. The Car Light PCB is almost a must for every household. Now the lighting market is very complex, but there are a lot of black businessmen use poor quality lights PCB counterfeit brand lights for the PCB, this behavior is not uncommon. Although everyone is very angry about this kind of behavior, but also helpless. And even some of the technology is not too strong manufacturers and vendors, the customer casually explained, resulting in ordinary users of the Car Light PCB products misunderstanding, to LED products to promote and use to bring some obstacles. In order to help the majority of users to correctly understand and judge the quality of LED products is good or bad, the following and share the quality of several ways to identify the quality of the lamp.
L LED choice, LM80 is the threshold. Lamp quality depends on the quality of the chip and packaging technology. The light of the PCB light will change over time and become dim. This is the inevitable situation of the lamp, the difference is that the light is also the length of time, the quality of the light will be slow PCB light decline, on the contrary, poor quality of light decay of light must be rapid.
L lamp structure - cooling conditions: lamp cooling is also very important, the same power factor lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, the lamp beads at high temperatures, the light will be great, the lamp life Will be reduced. Work when the lamp body heat should not be too high or uneven, if such a phenomenon, indicating the design or production of light problems, light damage is easy to damage. At present, the use of heat dissipation materials are mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity than aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity than the PC is good, and now the radiator material is generally the most aluminum, the best for the aluminum foil, aluminum Profiles, squeeze aluminum) followed, the worst is cast aluminum.
L LED light color. High-quality light-emitting light Car Light PCB must be the same, there will not be yellow or other light color appears. If you do not know how to distinguish, you can teach you a small way, only to light up some of these lights, observe their light color changes can get the desired answer.
L LED drive power supply. Excellent power supply will have a self-protection settings, and cooling conditions will be better, which indirectly extend the life of the lamp.
 As a new generation of light source, is gradually replacing the traditional energy-saving lamps market, but the reliability of the Car Light PCB detection, but also with the traditional lights are very different, and can not follow the traditional lighting test methods. So, how to carry out the reliability of the Car Light PCB detection? Here we take you to look at the lamp high temperature and humidity reliability testing.
In the natural environment, temperature and humidity are inseparable from the two natural factors, different regions due to different geographical locations, the resulting temperature and humidity effects are also different. This test is used to confirm the product in the high temperature climate and environmental conditions, storage, transportation, use of adaptability.