Indoor LED Light PCB Application Comprehensive Classification

Indoor LED Light PCB application comprehensive classification
Indoor LED Light PCB are widely used in outdoor large screen display, urban architectural landscape lighting, mobile phones, notebooks, TV backlight and automotive lighting and solar Indoor LED Light PCB, the application of space has been upgraded, the market share is also expanding. The following on the application of LED to conduct a comprehensive classification, the author will be roughly divided into LED backlight, lighting, electronic equipment, display, car five areas and so on.
(A) car lighting
(The third brake lights, left and right taillights, directional lights, etc.), the current European series of cars, including Audi, BMW, Fox and other brands using a full range of high-profile, including the use of high- Brightness LED, and the depot, Toyota also took the lead in the dashboard of the backlight plate into high-brightness LED, the other car factory new car, also in succession. If coupled with the front and rear lights, brake lights, traffic signs, and traffic-related market, business is very large. Traffic signs in the market, the world has about 20 million traffic signs lights, if the annual update of 2 million, business opportunities can continue for 10 years.
(B) backlight lighting
Mainly mobile phone backlighting, SMD-type products is the largest market. Although the growth rate of mobile phones in the past two years has slowed down significantly, but there are still 400 million annual level to a mobile phone to LED backlight 2, 6 keys SMD LED calculation, Indoor LED Light PCB a year to maintain 400 million mobile phone demand 3.2 billion LED. Recently, the blue wave of Korean mobile phones, blue LED market in short supply, see the mobile phone market in the LED still occupies a pivotal position. Following the Blu-ray phone, the current market is the color phone world. In the past, color mobile phone is a very high-end products, but this year the main components of the decline in prices, making color mobile phones and monochrome mobile phone spreads narrow, coupled with the manufacturers of strong promotions, mobile phone profile tide quietly occurred.
LED display as a new display media, with the rapid development of large scale integrated circuits and computer technology, has been the rapid development of it with the traditional display media, such as colorful neon lights, pixel tube TV wall, Compared with the board, compared with its high brightness, the dynamic image display effect is good, the fault is low, the energy consumption is small, the service life is long, the display content is diverse, the display mode is rich, the performance and the price is superior to each other, Indoor LED Light PCB has been widely used in all walks of life.
(D) elctronic equipment and lighting
LED with its low power consumption, small size, long life characteristics, has become the first choice for a variety of electronic equipment, light, almost all of the electronic equipment has LED figure.
(5) special lighting and military lighting
As the LED light source with shock resistance, weather resistance, good sealing, and low thermal radiation, small size, easy to carry and so on, Indoor LED Light PCB can be widely used in explosion-proof, field operations, mining, military operations and other special workplace or harsh working environment The
(6) decoration
Can be widely used in the luminous three-dimensional characters; architectural landscape appearance luminous body; elevated, high-rise buildings, bridges, landmarks, signs building light source; advertising three-dimensional characters, signs, logo, light source; commercial space, airports, Hospital, hotel, white goods shopping malls, squares, restaurants, PUB design lights; cars, transport, ships, propaganda instructions warning light source; computer, mobile phone, communication, mouse, signal transmission application light source.