Indoor LED Light PCB Blocked Four Major Hidden Dangers

Indoor LED Light PCB blocked four major hidden dangers
     LED light-emitting diode, indoor LED light is a high-brightness white light-emitting diode light source, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy to control, maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly; is a new generation of solid cold light, light color soft , Colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green, suitable for families, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, his various public places for a long time lighting. No flash DC, the eyes play a very good protective effect, is the lamp, flashlight the best choice.
      1. lack of national standards
      At present, China's lack of LED (Qingdao led lights) lighting products, national standards, lack of quality certification standards, a direct result of the uneven quality of products on the market, market confusion, products and markets are the lack of uniform standards to measure and regulate Affecting the consumer's buying confidence.
      Indoor LED Light PCB blocked four major hidden dangers
      But also because of the lack of national standards, can not be quality certification, for leveraging policy support to the development of the LED industry, it means that can not enter the list of government procurement, the loss of government procurement market. Therefore, the lack of the necessary national standards for products, LED lighting products become a major problem restricting the sustainable development.
      2. The price is too high
      LED real market should cover home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, roads and outdoor lighting and other fields, but now the main LED sales market or the public domain, and in the home lighting such a huge demand area is the least applied.
      China's Indoor LED Light PCB prices are too high, according to market conditions, 3W Indoor LED Light PCB priced at 80 yuan, the price is equivalent to ordinary energy-saving lamps five or six times, more than 10 times the incandescent lamp. And such a price can not be accepted by ordinary families. The price has become China's Indoor LED Light PCB in the field of home lighting development of another key issue.
      According to the LED industry, "Moore's Law", every 18 to 24 months LED light output brightness will double, and the price will drop by half. According to the forecast analysis, in support of state subsidies, in accordance with the current development situation of LED is concerned, by 2012, home lighting field of Indoor LED Light PCB prices will drop significantly, the price will pull the entire Indoor LED Light PCB in the field of home lighting The demand is expected by 2010, with the continuous development of the industry, Indoor LED Light PCB personal and home users will reach the peak.
      3. Product lack of core technology, a single family of household products
      At present, the application of Indoor LED Light PCB in the field of our family is still in the initial stage, and the application of foreign home has been more mature, many foreign families have begun to use Indoor LED Light PCB, mainly because of foreign high prices, foreign consumers are willing Accept Indoor LED Light PCB. LED in the country in addition to the price relative to other energy-saving lamps products are too high, the lack of core technology products, product line single, the current market has not dedicated to home lighting LED overall solution, the lack of more home series of products also affect its domestic market development of.
      Ledino home lighting series in September, is the first market in the first application of home lighting high power LED overall solution, one of the Ledino table lamp in January this year by the United States Times magazine as the most innovative LED lighting Products, to become the leading fashion innovation trend of the masterpiece. I believe that with more Indoor LED Light PCB product line in the domestic market, Indoor LED Light PCB in the application of household products will be more and more.
      4. Poor consumer awareness
      As the world's largest producer of lighting appliances, the second largest exporter of China, in 2003 set up a national LED lighting project coordination leading group, officially launched the national LED lighting project. But the reality is very optimistic, China's economically developed areas of the city about 70% of users to enable energy-saving lamps, rural and underdeveloped areas still use 80% incandescent, many consumers have not heard of Indoor LED Light PCB, which shows China's indoor LED The lights still have huge potential markets. However, due to consumer awareness of low Indoor LED Light PCB, manufacturers lack of Indoor LED Light PCB in the field of publicity and promotion, has become the impact of Indoor LED Light PCB in the field of application of important issues.
      LED is the most energy-efficient lighting products, energy can be directly converted to light energy, energy saving up to 80%, life in more than 10 years. Indoor LED Light PCB and the advantages of national policy support, making our Indoor LED Light PCB contain a huge potential market. At present, China's indoor LED lighting industry needs to establish national standards as soon as possible to standardize the market; at the same time vigorously carry out scientific research, enhance the core competitiveness of products, enrich the Indoor LED Light PCB in the home application of the product line; Consumers understand the advantages of Indoor LED Light PCB, change their understanding of the concept of energy-saving products; continuously improve the production process, reduce product prices, so that more ordinary families can use Indoor LED Light PCB. As long as the solution to these problems, I believe that China's indoor LED lighting industry will usher in a new development opportunities.