Indoor LED Light PCB Cut Into The Huge Consumer Lighting Market

Indoor LED Light PCB cut into the huge consumer lighting market
With the LED in the field of continuous expansion, LED in the field of plant lighting has occupied a place. Although the application scale can not be with the ordinary business or home lighting the same day, but the plant lighting as a special application of LED areas, due to their superiority, has gradually been recognized by the market, the market demand is growing.
From 2010, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in Japan with a large container into a "plant", and LED light source for crop photosynthesis. So far, LED in the field of plant lighting applications gradually kicked off.
In fact, many foreign LED companies have begun to layout plant lighting market, competition is quietly carried out. Following the establishment of Philips LED plant lighting factory, OSRAM, billion light and other enterprises have also in this area have action.
"In contrast, LED in the field of plant lighting is indeed very advantageous, because it is a low-heat characteristics of the cold light source, small size, compact structure, can close the plant, improve plant space utilization, but also Improve the ability of plants to resist pests and diseases. "Three male. Aurora product research and development director Hu Shujie told reporters.
Plant lighting, including plant growth lights and aquarium lights, with the production technology is gradually mature, LED gradually applied to the agricultural production, fruit and vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation and other crops. Although the field of Indoor LED Light PCB is a new opportunity, but in our country is still in its infancy.
General lighting market is a market capacity and smart phones quite large market, and in the process of rapid growth. General lighting market structure, energy-saving lamps and incandescent accounted for almost, are more than 40% of the level, but the incandescent trend down, with the global countries to prohibit the implementation of the policy of incandescent lamp further implementation, energy-saving lamps, Indoor LED Light PCB The proportion will be more and more.
Indoor LED Light PCB in all installed lighting products accounted for 2% -3%. But according to the 2012 global data, the new products sold inside the Indoor LED Light PCB have accounted for 15%, the proportion of China even higher.
The highest growth rate for a sector is in the period of penetration from 15% to 60%. LED in the early stages of the outbreak, the next 2-3 years will be completed from 15% to 60% of the infiltration, followed by 1-2 years to complete 60% to 80% penetration. This is similar to the penetration of smart phones, the rapid growth over the past two years, has now reached 60% penetration rate. LED to 2 years ago the status of intelligent machines.
Compared with the introduction of a few years ago, 2011 indoor LED lamp growth has slowed down, mainly due to the 2011 price of avalanche LED prices fell, the current price of only 11 years early 30%. The overall volume has doubled growth, but the output value increased by 40-50%.