Indoor LED Light PCB Design Should Be Concerned About The Problem

At present, the incandescent exit has become a certain trend, and incandescent is cut in the future, people most concerned about the lighting will belong to LED lighting.
Indoor LED Light PCB and other lighting has a high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, longevity and other advantages, compared with other light source lamps, the advantages of more prominent, natural to be more waiting.
Indoor LED Light PCB The current primary use area is in indoor lighting, it includes trade lighting, home lighting, office lighting, extraordinary lighting and so on. These areas of the lamp on the target requirements are also relatively high, so the researchers in the development of Indoor LED Light PCB, but also pay attention to light distribution, light pollution, refers to the professional issues.
First of all, the fundamental effect of the lamp itself is the electrical connection between the supply and the light source, and under normal conditions, the user is most concerned about whether the Indoor LED Light PCB can illuminate the local area where we wish it will be illuminated. Comfortable, but in terms of professional lighting designers, in addition to familiar with the various types of Indoor LED Light PCB light body selection, lens and reflective system, but also must be based on the light distribution curve of the light LED light PCB projection spot Quality, accounting Indoor LED Light PCB efficiency and space within the arbitrary point of the illumination value, in order to account for the space area of the illumination distribution. It is no exaggeration to say that the luminous curve of the Indoor LED Light PCB is the lifeline of the lamp.
Second, Indoor LED Light PCB lighting should also pay attention to light pollution problems. The current career situation is very emphasized about the control of light intensity and light shining control. As the current night lighting and confession of a lot, too bright to affect people's sleep, and the lighting of the flash will also affect the driving peace. Indoor LED Light PCB at this point the display is quite perfect, no glare, no flash is also one of the main reasons people love it.
Ultimately, LED indoor lighting use of the most important concern should be color rendering index. Because no one would like to see the human face in the room like a ghost. Color temperature is also a very important requirement, the impact of the goods show a great impact. In the fine clothing store, the clothes in the high color temperature is absolutely no low color temperature to see beautiful. Color temperature can be invented a result of the situation, so that goods add a sense of value. Indoor LED Light PCB can be based on differences in the situation to adjust the different light color, and thus in these areas more advantages.
Indoor LED Light PCB After several years of rapid development, the market has shown a variety of Indoor LED Light PCB, the quality of uneven is good and bad; in the purchase of consumers to polish their eyes to choose the right Own high-quality indoor LED Light PCB, remember not to covet small cheap.
First, the color from the color points, Indoor LED Light PCB has a variety of light color, white, warm white (light yellow) yellow and so on. In theory, led can be called out a lot of color, the current mainstream color so several, because the impact of light color factors, so different batches of Indoor LED Light PCB color temperature will have some deviation. Such as warm white is divided into 3000K and 4000K color temperature, white color close to the sun there are cold white, small color. Home decoration and daily use is basically warm white mostly because warm white reflects the warm environment, is white bright, blue fashion. Light color can be based on their own preferences, home decoration style to choose.
Second, the model 1. Indoor LED Light PCB type Many markets have flat three lines, yuan second line, flat four lines, Indoor LED Light PCB, and so on. As the Indoor LED Light PCB with energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no pollution, affordable. And other advantages have occupied the main position of home improvement. The old flat three-wire Indoor LED Light PCB is not only low brightness and power consumption, the basic has been eliminated. So choose Indoor LED Light PCB when used Indoor LED Light PCB (lamp beads type patch).
Indoor LED Light PCB models are commonly used in 3528 and 5050. (3528 refers to the indoor LED Light PCB inside the chip size is rectangular 3.2 wide 2.8 mm) 5050Indoor LED Light PCB refers to the indoor LED light PCB chip length and width Are 5 mm. (Because the 5050 chip is much larger than the 3528 chip, so the brightness of the 5050 is also relatively high than the 3528 brightness of about 70%.) 2, Indoor LED Light PCB according to the number of beads can be divided into 60 beads 72 beads 68 beads 90 beads Etc., commonly used specifications, in the daily purchase can be installed according to the size of the space, the use of the corresponding specifications to choose. Home if the wine cabinet decoration, counter decoration, the brightness requirements of the case can not choose 3528-60 beads, home furnishings 8-15 square meters around the room can choose 3508-68 beads gold version of the model, or 5050-60 Pearl classic models of more than 15 square meters of the proposed use of 5050-upgraded models (72 beads) so keep the room moderate brightness light more coordinated.