Indoor LED Light PCB Into The Main Character

Indoor LED Light PCB into the main character
Grid lights and panel lights as the main product type of government subsidies, has been widely used in indoor lighting, not just commercial areas.
In the major lighting shopping malls, in addition to led bulb and lamp everywhere, the Indoor LED Light PCB and panel lights "entry rate" is also very high, the operation of the LED products dealer store almost all the grid lights and panels Light figure. Grille and panel lights look the same, but not so, according to dealer sales of grille lights even higher than the panel lights.
Indoor LED Light PCB is a through the ceiling embedded lighting, attributed to directional lighting, as long as its opposites can also be light, the advantage is that more than the average grille light is more concentrated, and is generally used for general lighting may be adjuvant illumination. With the continuous development of LED technology, Indoor LED Light PCB life now can reach more than 50,000 small, seems to have become the indoor lighting's "new favorite."
The "Sixth National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Plan" was promulgated jointly by the six ministries and commissions of the state, and the plan clearly demanded that the demonstration of indoor lighting products and systems such as Indoor LED Light PCB and panel lights be focused on in the areas of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, government work and public lighting Use and implement activities. The introduction of the plan marks the beginning of the LED lighting industry began to gather from the wild lighting to Indoor LED Light PCB use.
Indoor LED Light PCB as one of the main types of government subsidies for the tender, the output is soaring.
According to statistics from the GAII LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the total output of Indoor LED Light PCB in China in 2013 was 36.8 billion yuan, up 80% over the same period of last year. In the meantime, the production of grid lamp shopping mall was 4.2 billion with a year-on-year increase of 85%.
LED interior lighting in China in 2013 to adhere to the trend of high-speed, with the use of LED constantly sophisticated skills, quality has been continuously improved, the price continued to decline, coupled with the hard work of many LED companies estimated Indoor LED Light PCB market in the next few years will insist on fast The trend of development, which has also become the opportunity to carry out Indoor LED Light PCB.
Although the new led integrated grid lights in the obvious advantages of indoor lighting applications, but from the current market share, the Indoor LED Light PCB occupy the market share is not large. According to the statistics of the Polytechnic LED Industry Institute, the sales volume of the Indoor LED Light PCB market in mainland China was 1.6 billion yuan in 2013, with a slow growth rate.
"Due to the high unit price of early Indoor LED Light PCBs, the initial investment cost of the users is relatively large, the energy saving efficiency of the products is relatively low, and the time for the cost recovery is relatively long. Most users do not have strong purchasing or replacement desire, Disk has not yet caused a strong impact. "
At the same time Tu also expressed a similar view: "The new integrated Indoor LED Light PCB in the LED era, it is a new product, the current consumer groups are relatively small, and our sales are only slowly growing." Memories Three years ago, when the company completed hundreds of Indoor LED Light PCB sales a month, it was considered a good performance. Since last year, the company's Indoor LED Light PCB sales have been rapid growth.