Indoor LED Light PCB Is About To Popularize The Civilian Market

Indoor LED Light PCB is about to popularize the civilian market

The State Council on energy conservation and response to climate change work conference, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that we must use hard measures to complete the task of energy saving and emission reduction. From Prime Minister Li Keqiang's speech, we can see the future of energy-saving emission reduction this piece, the Government will give strong support. Xiaobian that the Indoor LED Light PCB as a new energy-saving industries, the future may take hard measures to increase efforts to promote the popularization of the industry. For those who are in the industry, for the large policy form of indoor LED light industry when how? What is the direction of industrial development? ... ... In this regard, for these issues to analyze some of the views for the industry reference.

Layout: the formation of a more complete industrial chain

Since the beginning of the year, the global range of Indoor LED Light PCB industry chain company shares have increased significantly, while the A-share companies are lagging behind, in view of the market underestimated after the outbreak of home lighting after the Indoor LED Light PCB OFweek semiconductor lighting industry upward flexibility, short-term callback Usher in the golden age of industrial layout.

"Energy-saving emission reduction" behind the meeting: Indoor LED Light PCB popular civilian market near

Indoor LED Light PCB upstream of the industry is mainly epitaxial production and chip manufacturing. The upstream part of the Indoor LED Light PCB in the industrial chain of high technological content, equipment investment quota, while profit margins in the overall industry chain is relatively high. 2014 will be the chip industry to raise the gross margin stage. The second quarter of 2013 has basically reached the chip effective supply and demand balance, three or four quarters of chip prices have basically stabilized, the entire three or four quarters of the price drop of about 10%. Chip prices this year is expected to decline in more than a dozen points, and in the second quarter may be structural out of stock. The selection of the subject, the proposed focus on those in the indoor LED light industry has long accumulated, and has the cost, size advantages and upstream and downstream integration capabilities of the leading enterprises.

More directly benefit is the midstream packaging business. 2014 to the next year is the stage of large-scale integration of the packaging industry, many small and medium companies will withdraw from the market, after the completion of the integration of the packaging side of the pattern will be more clear and stable. From the published performance forecast situation, many packaging companies in the fourth quarter of 2013 have achieved good performance growth, this trend will continue in 2014. Data show that in 2013 China's packaging industry scale 47.3 billion yuan, an increase of 19%, is expected to reach about 60 billion by 2015 the scale.

Downstream, the light source is the future may be made the largest field. From a global perspective, the lighting industry is generally controlled by the light source enterprises to speak the right. To the present point of view, the domestic and did not form a strong Indoor LED Light PCB brand, the basic domestic advantages of these traditional channels are almost the same, so the future in technology, product control, management advantages of enterprises will gradually take the initiative ; Second, the traditional channels also occupy a very big advantage, but the Internet channel will play a more important role, this year's downstream Aspect is the light source business will be a substantial investment in the brand, the other will increase the investment in the Internet electricity business. Among them, in the field of energy-saving lamps have occupied the brand and the high point of the traditional lighting manufacturers are expected in the future competition in the first come to the fore, full force.

Objective: Civil lighting is the largest market

Indoor LED Light PCB as an important energy-saving environmental protection products, has been popular, deep into the rural market. With the gradual improvement of the living standards of rural residents, their demand for emerging products is also rising. It is conceivable that this is a fascinating big cake for the new industry. How to make Indoor LED Light PCB benefit the people?

1, standing on the enterprise point of view, to be targeted to develop products, strengthen brand promotion, service should be more in place. Rural consumers are usually more "to face, good picture", and "quality assurance, security" is their point of demand. Because of this, rural consumers are more "superstitious" brand. Therefore, the countryside enterprises in the establishment of channels should be targeted, must be consistent with the consumption habits of farmers.

2, agents should be targeted, Indoor LED Light PCB the energy balance distribution, cultivate the rural market. Local agents are directly to promote the development of the local market, the core strength, if the agent for its distribution network disregard, or "not as", Indoor LED Light PCB then the distribution network can not be the distributor "grain", so that will Forming a vicious circle. Three, four distribution points can not be ignored. Therefore, agents should pay more attention to distributors, from the logistics, publicity, services and other aspects of efforts.