Indoor LED Light PCB To The Development Of Indoor Lighting Products Technical Requirements

Indoor LED Light PCB to the development of indoor lighting products technical requirements
Indoor LED Light PCB, optical design, compared with the traditional lamps, directional and point light is the most typical feature of LED lighting design is the key to the light. Through the LED binary optical design, Indoor LED Light PCB can achieve better light distribution curve. As the current Indoor LED Light PCB application development market, the largest indoor lighting of the light needs to be very bright, you can use high light transmission lamp to improve light extraction efficiency. Or the light guide plate technology will be applied to the lamp, which will be Indoor LED Light PCB point light source is changed to surface light source, not only can improve the uniformity of light distribution, but also to prevent glare. Can also be used with some condenser lens or reflector to highlight the lighting effect of the object to achieve real ideal optical effect.
High-power Indoor LED Light PCB technical challenges, even if the Indoor LED Light PCB in the indoor lighting and decorative lighting applications have been satisfactory performance, but in general lighting and ambience lighting applications still face many challenges, including the initial cost, color temperature Low light efficiency, color rendering index and system reliability. Cost is relatively sensitive to indoor lighting factors, especially in home lighting applications. Despite the Indoor LED Light PCB more and more models, light efficiency is also rising, but the high price of this problem still exists. But when the LED light source prices lower, the overall optimization of the system design, the total cost will inevitably decline.
Indoor LED Light PCB to improve the low color temperature of the light effect below 4,000K low color temperature is usually the first choice for indoor home lighting. Warm white to make the whole environment more warm and relaxed; and cool white is giving a clean, efficient, bright feeling, more suitable for office and outdoor lighting. Indoor LED Light PCB to extend the service life, improve system reliability. In general lighting applications, the overall efficiency of LED, life and reliability must be improved through the system can be improved. Indoor LED light source: compact, efficient, with a variety of colors and output power to choose from. Power conversion: the AC, battery and other power efficient conversion to a safe low voltage, constant current power supply. Control and drive: the use of electronic circuits to achieve indoor LED lamp constant current drive and control. Thermal management: To achieve longer service life, control LED node temperature is very important, thermal analysis is also indispensable. Optical element: The lens, reflector, or light guide plate material is the optical element necessary to focus the light on the target area.
With the rapid development of Indoor LED Light PCB technology and the gradual improvement of LED light efficiency, the application of Indoor LED Light PCB will be more and more widely; especially with the global energy shortage is becoming increasingly serious, people are increasingly concerned about the Indoor LED Light PCB in Lighting market prospects for the development of Indoor LED Light PCB will be replaced by incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent lamps potential light source. In addition, in the indoor lighting design, the Indoor LED Light PCB will tend to energy-saving, human and artistic.
   With the development of new technologies such as Internet of Things, LED as a semiconductor industry, will also catch this high-speed train, to play its high controllable characteristics. From the family to the office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to the walk, from the auxiliary lighting to the main lighting, with intelligent control of the Indoor LED Light PCB system will bring a higher level of human services. Indoor LED Light PCB industry will also be done by the product, to the design of products, to provide the overall solution of the course.
Indoor LED Light PCB environmental protection, small size, high reliability and other features gradually highlighted, the development of a series of completely different from the traditional light source applications will be popular. Lighting industry will appear more and more broad a development space; light is no longer just play the role of lighting, it makes it more appropriate to make people work and life bit by bit, the manufacturers fight is the design application advantages.