LED Light PCB Global Market Can Not Be Underestimated

LED Light PCB global market can not be underestimated

LED Light PCB global market is also great, can not be ignored, the following we explain the status quo according to the data. Wu Yingjie said that in 2014 the number of lamp and integrated commercial lighting shipments, significantly higher than in 2013, leading to rapid price hikes, affecting the promotion of dealers access effect. This situation will be significantly improved in 2015, mainly due to the gradual stabilization of the cost structure of the lamp, the gradual increase in the degree of standardization conducive to sales, reduce inventory risk.

The report shows that the global LED commercial lighting market continues to expand, estimated 2015 global LED Light PCB product market size of 25.65 billion US dollars, of which the output value of 3.44 billion US dollars lamp, integrated commercial lighting (panel lights and Troffer) was 450 million US dollar, lamp and integrated commercial lighting market development is particularly exciting. Japan's market preference for the introduction of high-efficiency products, hoping to drive low-current products to achieve the effect of saving. But the product shortcomings are the need to put more LED packages to meet the required luminous flux standards, LED Light PCB prices will increase. Wu Yingjie said that in addition to high efficiency lamps and lamps, the Japanese commercial lighting strategy is more flexible, with high color rendering and lighting design and wireless control, the introduction of dimming palette system can be adjusted more than 100 led lamps, energy saving and lighting Concept more on the floor, the product can be applied to a wider range of commercial space. Such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Endo and Iris Ohyama are introduced high efficiency lamp and integrated commercial lighting. Asian foundry manufacturers are subject to substantial reduction in demand for European manufacturers, in the case of profit suffered compression, some Asian foundry manufacturers began to actively promote their own brands to reduce the pressure on prices, out of dependence on the European region OEM orders. As for Europe, with the gradual recovery of the economy, driven consumer confidence index and enhance the lighting industry demand, the European LED lighting market in 2015 is expected to reach 5.507 billion US dollars. In the euro depreciation and logistics costs considerations, the European lighting manufacturers began to produce their own lighting products, or the nearest search for Eastern Europe, such as Poland and other places of the LED lamp manufacturers to OEM, lead the European manufacturing (Made in Europe) concept, to stimulate overseas Market sales, to provide local lighting manufacturers to expand overseas market opportunities. The major US manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products accounted for rising, one after another introduced many LED commercial lighting new products, and gradually began to intelligent and optical communications and other new applications; 2015 US LED lighting market as a whole Scale of 5.33 billion US dollars, of which lamp and integrated commercial lamps accounted for about 14.3%.

LED lamp application of a wide range of applications, as long as the indoor place with a ceiling, you can install the LED Light PCB. In the lighting market, LED lights appear in the PCB, so that the traditional incandescent lamp is no longer the mainstream of the lighting market, it will launch the stage of history. LED Light PCB is a led light source for the lighting, its shape is very thin, compact, very easy to use. Compared with the traditional incandescent, LED light PCB is not only lower prices, longer life, energy consumption has also reduced a lot. LED Light PCB is a new type of lighting, its design and technology and other traditional lamps are compared to a very big difference. LED light PCB is not only high brightness, high light efficiency, and brightness uniformity, the eye has a certain protective effect in the lighting market is very popular, it will replace the traditional incandescent lamp into our lives. When we use incandescent, we know that it is high, not environmentally friendly. For the modern pay attention to energy-saving society, only green energy-saving lighting to get better development, which is LED Light PCB is one of the important reasons for the popular. LED lights instead of incandescent lamp into our lives, it needs to play a greater role, with a better development.

First of all, we want to install the LED Light PCB, we should pick the right, in order to better play their use value. So, in the selection of the time must pay attention, careful observation, can not be selected to poor quality products. Second, when we are installed, you should first power off, with insulated gloves to work, to avoid the installation of the accident. Finally, after we have installed it, the tools that can be used must be sorted out. Try the LED light PCB is bright, do not suddenly left.