LED Light PCB Has The Advantage

LED Light PCB has the advantage
    LED Light PCB energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the national low-carbon green sustainable development model, is the future direction of the main lighting products, by the community in particular, commercial and home improvement users of concern. LED Light PCB colorful, the color of the advantages of other products can not match the lighting. And LED Light PCB easy to control, through the digital control technology, to achieve the effect of dynamic lighting. At the same time small size, style changes varied, you can make the lamp shape more unique and creative.
   LED Light PCB with LED light source, the lighting effect gives the visual experience soft and uniform.
LED Light PCB is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light shot under the lighting. It is the biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity of the building decoration and perfect, not because of the establishment of the lamp and destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art.
LED Light PCB development there is a certain resistance: the main reason for its resistance lies in the price of LED Light PCB expensive. But the LED Light PCB other performance than the general performance of a lot of light, high luminous efficiency, reliability, better, can greatly save the cost of maintenance after installation. LED Light PCB in the initial cost of a lot higher than the traditional lighting. But suitable for users who need to use lamps for a long time, because the LED Light PCB will consume less than the total cost of traditional lighting.
    Summary LED industry trends LED light PCB development prospects. LED light PCB using LED light source, its advantage is better than traditional incandescent lamp. LED Light PCB use a wide range of applications, mainly used in the family, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, bars, hotels, disco, karaoke OK, Western restaurants, cafes, clubs, windows ceiling lighting. Shenzhen Meier Te Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. mainly involved in the products are: LED Light PCB, LED downlight, LED track lights and other lighting products.
 LED Light PCB can be used for a single installation, you can also be combined to focus on more than 20m installed on the pole, constitute a high pole lighting device. This device in addition to handsome in appearance, can focus on maintenance, reduce the poles and footprint and other characteristics, the biggest advantage is the lighting function. When the light is projected from the height, the ambient space has high brightness, and the light coverage is large, giving a feeling of daylight, so it has higher lighting quality and visual effect. To meet the minimum safety requirements for outdoor use, LED Light PCB enclosure protection class should be IP × 3 (open). In order to improve the durability of lamps and reduce the maintenance workload, people pay more and more attention to the development of a one-time investment costs higher closed LED Light PCB, the enclosure protection class IP55.
In order to further improve the light output ratio of the lamp, the reflector tends to adopt a block panel reflector which is conducive to reducing the light source and the multifocal reflector satisfying the special lighting requirements. The surface treatment of the reflective surface tends to adopt new materials and new technology, To obtain a reflectance of more than 96%.
In order to reduce the weight of lamps and reduce the consumption of metal materials, lamp shell will be high temperature, high mechanical strength, anti-aging plastic shell direction.
A projection of a certain area of the building is nothing more than the use of control beam angle of the round and square head shape of the LED Light PCB, which is consistent with the traditional concept of LED Light PCB. However, due to the LED Light PCB light source is small and thin, linear projection lamp research and development will undoubtedly become a bright spot for LED Light PCB, it is easy to install, you can level can also be installed vertically, and the building surface better combination for lighting The designer brought a new lighting vocabulary, expanding the creative space. And will have an impact on the lighting practices of modern architecture and historic buildings.
As the LED light PCB is not like the traditional light source is more than glass bulb, it can be a good combination of urban street furniture. Can be in the city's leisure space such as path, stairs, deck, waterfront, gardening lighting. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use the led as a light source for lighting. led hidden LED light PCB will be particularly favored.