LED Light PCB Quality Identification Method

LED Light PCB quality identification method
How to identify the quality of LED Light PCB? LED Light PCB is currently widely used in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Because LED lighting prospects are very good, LED light PCB manufacturers are more and more, leading to the market quality of LED light PCB uneven. However, consumers can not distinguish between good and bad through professional and technical, then we have years of experience in the market, to teach you some simple light with the quality of identification methods:
First: see solder joints. Formal LED Light PCB Manufacturer's LED Light PCB is manufactured using SMT chip technology, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the LED Light PCB on the solder joint is very smooth, and the amount of solder is not too much, the solder joint was arc-like from the FPC pad to the LED electrode extension. Poor quality LED Light PCB, usually using manual welding, solder joints and solder are not uniform, mostly a dot wrapped around the foot, and will come out tin tip.
Second: look at the surface. Good quality LED light PCB are used SMT production process, the surface cleanliness is very good, looks very smooth, basically do not see impurities and stains. The poor quality of the LED Light PCB are sold out by hand, the surface no matter how clean, will have residual stains and cleaning traces, while the FPC surface will leave flux and tin slag.
Third: look at FPC. FPC refers to the LED Light PCB on the circuit board, FPC is generally divided into copper and rolling copper two, copper clad copper is convex, look carefully from the pad and FPC connection to see. And rolling copper is closely linked with the FPC, you can bend any bend without the phenomenon of falling off. So, good LED light PCBs use calendered copper. The following is a regular manufacturer of products, we can look carefully.
Fourth: look outside the packaging. Because LED Light PCB is relatively long, generally 5 meters or 10 meters in volume, the regular LED Light PCB factory will be used before the anti-static coil to pack, and then use the anti-static moisture-proof packaging outside the seal. The poor quality of the manufacturers will be in order to save costs, the use of recycled coil, there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, carefully look at the coil above the plate will have a clear use of traces in the above.
Fifth :: tag. Regular manufacturers of LED Light PCB packaging bags and coil tray above will have their own brand of print labels. While the poor are stickers tag affixed to a label on top.
LED Light PCB advantages: LED lighting environmental protection and energy saving more and more attention by consumers, but also speed up the pace of LED lighting into the home lighting. Of course, there are still many consumers do not know what the advantages of LED lamps, the following to introduce the advantages of LED Light PCB:
First, a wide range of lighting LED Light PCB is an important feature of a wide range of lighting, it can do the whole room of the main lights, lighting effects, according to the decoration effect of light source power, select the LED light PCB lighting quality.
The second saves space. Whether it is a living room or a bedroom. LED Light PCB is the installation of the ceiling, so save space. For the lower housing, the room to choose to install LED Light PCB is a wise move. In the eyes of many people, only chandeliers to show its effect of loading and unloading, it is not true, with the diversification of lighting products, stylized, LED Light PCB in terms of design style to the material are very good, this is the LED Light PCB become a family choice The most important factor.
Third, safety awareness. Crystal lamp, ceiling lamp off the time there have been painful lessons tell us. Lighting ceiling, ceiling safety is the most important. The LED Light PCB because of its own material is relatively thin. And the design is also caught in the ceiling above, so absolutely no similar safety issues, the reliability can be very high.