New Normal Of How To Break The PCB Manufacturing Bottleneck?

OFweek electronic engineering network in recent years, despite the global economic impact of changing, printed circuit board (PCB) industry continues a trend of low growth. In 2016, the global economic recovery remains slow, with engines of growth of the Smartphone market growth in the electronics industry fell sharply, the sluggish growth of the PCB industry how to find a new impetus? As PCB head high density interconnect (HDI) Board, IC substrate and rigid-Flex PCB, multilayer and other trends, what are the bottlenecks of production technology need to break?

As the world's leading electronics manufacturing process innovation, solutions and equipment providers, Opal technology firm, 2016 global PCB industry still experienced modest growth and overall growth is expected to be between 1% and 2%. Is a major global PCB manufacturing center in China, the growth rate will be higher than the global industry growth, various market segments of up to 3% to 5%.