Outdoor LED Light PCB Common Led Outdoor Lighting Category

Outdoor LED Light PCB Common led outdoor lighting category which? Now most of the street lights are used led lighting. It is the use of the fourth generation of green light LED made of a lighting fixtures. Led lamps with environmental protection, energy saving, long life, small size and other characteristics, is widely used in our lives. Led lamps in the past is generally used as architectural landscape lighting, such as garden lights, ladder lights, searchlights, balcony lights and so on. This use in 2008 accounted for 43% of the overall LED lighting market, but the growth rate in this area is relatively slow, not optimistic about the future of the emerging areas of growth, its outdoor application is led lights.

  Outdoor LED Light PCB In understanding led outdoor lighting before we first understand the relevant knowledge of the next light. A fixture refers to an appliance capable of translucent, distributing and altering the light distribution of the light source, including all the components necessary for securing and protecting the light source except for the light source, as well as the line accessories necessary for connection to the power supply. The use of lamps in all aspects of our lives, our daily life is inseparable from it, human progress and social production is also inseparable from it. The variety of lamps and lanterns, a variety of lights emerge in an endless stream, led outdoor lighting is the application of a wide range of lamps.

  LED outdoor lighting installation precautions

  First, outdoor lighting designers must consider the outdoor LED lighting work environment

  As the working environment is more complex, by the temperature, UV, humidity, rainy days of rain, dust, chemical gases and other natural conditions, outdoor lighting in the design should take into account the environmental factors on the impact of LED outdoor lighting.

  Second, the outdoor LED chip packaging technology

  Outdoor LED Light PCB At present, the domestic production of LED lamps (mainly street lamps) are mostly using 1W LED string, parallel assembly, this method is called packaging technology. Using 30W, 50W or even larger modules assembled to achieve the required power, these LED packaging materials useful epoxy resin package. The difference between the two is: epoxy resin package temperature is poor, a long time easy to aging. Silicone package is better temperature, the use should pay attention to choice.

  Third, outdoor LED lighting in the choice of cooling materials should pay attention to matters

  Choose good thermal conductivity of aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, as well as other alloys.

  Fourth, in the outdoor LED lighting radiator design research

  1. Clear the power of the LED lights need to heat.

  2. Use the type of scattered. Cost comparison: natural convection cooling the lowest cost, strong wind cooling medium, heat pipe cooling cost is higher, the highest cost of jet air.

  3. Design radiator parameters: metal thermal conductivity, chip, radiator, ambient air resistance and so on.

  4. Calculate the volume, area, and shape of the radiator.

  5. At room temperature 39 ℃ - 40 ℃ environment, the temperature of the lamp to meet the cooling requirements, if not satisfied, then recalculate and adjust.

  6. Determine the maximum operating temperature permissible for LED lighting (ambient temperature plus lamp permissible temperature rise)

  7. Do waterproof, dustproof, anti-aging, stainless steel bolts fastening, and then refer to our latest outdoor lighting fixture technical specifications, as well as urban road lighting design standards.