Outdoor LED Light PCB Have The Advantage Of Replacing Traditional Lighting

Outdoor LED Light PCB have the advantage of replacing traditional lighting

With the Outdoor LED Light PCB energy saving and creative concepts spread more widely, from Outdoor LED Light PCB commercial lighting to home lighting, enterprises have increased research and development to more powerful Outdoor LED Light PCB to win the broad market.

The rising outdoor LED lighting business shows that Outdoor LED Light PCB are gradually affecting the traditional consumer demand for lighting from the Outdoor LED Light PCB energy saving to a variety of creative modeling, wide Outdoor LED Light PCB applications. In the continuous iteration of products and explore the needs of users on the way, along with the new outdoor LED lighting business set up, there will be more traditional lighting business into the field of Outdoor LED Light PCB.

With the continuous progress of technology, energy saving and environmental protection of a new generation of lighting technology Outdoor LED Light PCB began to enter people's vision. Outdoor LED Light PCB can be directly converted into light energy, it appears to solve the problems encountered by incandescent and fluorescent lamps, its energy utilization is higher than the fluorescent lamp, but also does not produce harmful substances on the environment, it can be said that the future of lighting the best choice.

At present, China is rapidly out of import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent. At the same time, to outdoor LED lighting as the representative of the energy-saving alternatives are gradually being retail, customer service centers and large factories and other large consumer of all ages.

Compared with incandescent, fluorescent energy-saving lamps, Outdoor LED Light PCB for solid light source, more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively high. With the reduction of production costs and production process progress, the cost of Outdoor LED Light PCB are 20% to 30% per year rate of reduction.

Fluorescent lamp technology is mature, low energy consumption, long life, can be used as a traditional energy-saving lamps and Outdoor LED Light PCB transition period products. It is reported that. Outdoor LED light effect is about 8 times the incandescent, fluorescent 2-4 times, with the development of science and technology, outdoor LED light efficiency will also continue to improve, while prices will be greatly reduced, Coupled with the advantages of Outdoor LED Light PCB to make it a substitute for traditional lighting has become a trend.

Outdoor LED Light PCB is the 21st century, the most promising development of the invention, the technology has been strongly supported by the government after the expansion of the development, improve, and now has a basically stable industry norms and technology. At present, most of the Outdoor LED Light PCB are used to do commercial lighting, in fact, Outdoor LED Light PCB as interior lighting also has many advantages. Commercial lighting Metropolitan use of color Outdoor LED Light PCB, interior decoration white Outdoor LED Light PCB combined with interior decoration for the interior to provide auxiliary lighting, hidden light can use Outdoor LED Light PCB, especially for low space. *** As a result of the Outdoor LED Light PCB due to the dynamic, digital control of color, brightness and dimming, lively saturation color can create static and dynamic lighting effects. From white to full spectrum of any color, the use of Outdoor LED Light PCB in this type of space lighting to open a new way of thinking.

In addition, the Outdoor LED Light PCB indoor lighting compared with the neon, because it is low pressure, no fragile glass, not because of the production of bending and increase the cost, it is worth to use in the logo design. Indoor lighting display on the lighting quality, because the outdoor LED light source without heat, UV and infrared radiation, exhibits or merchandise will not be damaged, compared with the traditional light source, the lamp does not require additional filter device, lighting system is simple, cost Cheap and easy to install. Its precise cloth can be used as a substitute for the museum's fiber optic lighting.

Long life, high lumen maintenance value (90% after 90 hours to maintain the light through), and PAR lamps and metal halide lamp 50 to 250 hours compared to life, reduce maintenance costs and replace the light source frequency. In addition, the Outdoor LED Light PCB to overcome the use of metal halide lamp color shift after a period of time. Compared with the PAR lamp, there is no heat radiation, can make the space more comfortable.