Outdoor LED Light PCB On The Impact Of LED Industry

Outdoor LED Light PCB on the impact of LED industry
Now with the popularity of vehicles in the city to bear the traffic pressure is also growing, in order to effectively ease the traffic, Outdoor LED Light PCB is essential. It is an indispensable means of "static management" of modern transportation, and plays an important role in adjusting, regulating and guiding urban and rural traffic.
Outdoor LED Light PCB is a light source for the use of LED lights, which is generally composed of a number of LED light body, the design of the design can be adjusted by the layout of the LED itself to form a variety of patterns, and can be a variety of colors As well as a variety of signals made into one, so that the same light body space can give more traffic information, configure more traffic solutions. Moreover, the LED lights because of its narrow spectrum of radiation, monochromatic good, no filter, so the LED light source can basically be applied to the light, so that the traffic signal becomes humane, vivid, these are Traditional light source is difficult to achieve.
At present, due to the important role of Outdoor LED Light PCB in urban traffic, every year a large number of traffic lights need to be updated, and then lead to a relatively large market, after all, high profits are also conducive to the development of LED production and design company, for the entire LED industry It will also produce benign stimulation.
Traffic civilization is an important symbol of urban civilization, and Outdoor LED Light PCB is the beginning of civilized travel, with the LED after decades of technological development, basically the major cities of the traffic lights are replaced by Outdoor LED Light PCB, then why Outdoor LED Light PCB can be widely used?
Outdoor LED Light PCB have five main advantages to replace the traditional incandescent lamp as a traffic signal use:
First, environmental protection and energy conservation
LED light source in the energy advantage is very obvious, one of its significant features is the low energy consumption, so the application of Outdoor LED Light PCB for the entire city will save a lot of power.
Second, to adapt to environmental capacity
In the outdoor, Outdoor LED Light PCB work environment is relatively poor, it is not only to withstand the cold but also to withstand the heat, so the reliability of Outdoor LED Light PCB require a higher. As the Outdoor LED Light PCB with or without filament, no glass features, it will not cause damage due to shock, but also does not produce the problem of glass rupture.
Third, high visibility
Outdoor LED Light PCB in the sun and rain and dust and other harsh environments, still able to maintain a high visibility and performance indicators. Because the light emitted by the LED is monochromatic light, it does not need to use the color film to produce red, yellow and green signal colors, and its light has a directional, there is a certain divergence angle, so it is more than the traditional incandescent lamp visibility Much higher.
Fourth, the signal indicates quick response
As the lights in the city traffic command has a very important role, so the different colors of the signal switch time must be fast. The LED bulb response speed than the traditional incandescent response to a lot faster, which will help reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Fifth, long service life
LED specific long life characteristics, if the use of traditional incandescent lamp will produce high maintenance costs. The Outdoor LED Light PCB with or without filament, no glass rupture problem, and it produces very low heat, almost no heat. This will reduce the cost of maintenance costs, but also to protect the extension of life.