PCB Control Data Link Intelligent Product Shipping Enterprises To Upgrade Traditional Industry Value Chain Together Customers Entering The Industry 4.0

Printed circuit board production industry recently lack Terminal dominating market of production products, led to many manufacturers revenue fell, on even Apple new production products effect are than once upon a, Ship group founded people cum up airlines technology Chairman Huang Lida Mr and up airlines technology General Manager Xue Renzhen stressed see associate printed circuit board manufacturers active sought breakthrough, provides production industry equipment and soft body integration professional service, will to both advantage led professional team assist customer import big data analysis, and transformation intelligent health production.

Analysis of Xue Renzhen, in response to terminal needs a small variety of the consumer market for technology products, printed circuit board (PCB) orders by manufacturers are no longer concentrated in the past a large number of single product, in order to survive in the fierce competition, risk of dispersed orders, becoming more active than all brands, but the production efficiency is facing tough challenges.