PCB Industry, Strengthen The Competitiveness Of Industry Requirements Emerge

Meanwhile, Wang Zuojing also stressed that in 2014, a lot of technology in their own micro-controller software and hardware under the core technology will be developed including 3D printing, optical inspection (AOI) equipment, such as advanced new product, and its original series will also provide production stability and efficiency aim.

And by Taiwan circuit board Association (TPCA) and workers Institute hospital produced by Center ITIS plans survey related information displayed, estimates 2013 annual on both sides of Taiwanese PCB output for 505.7 billion yuan, appeared more 2012 recession 1.88% of trend; and in global general economic gradually improved of led, pulled electronic products of market sales boom, forecast 2014 Taiwanese on both sides of PCB industry will will growth 2.23%, output can rose to 517 billion NT, Wang Taiwan PCB industry next year to get out of this year's expected production growth stagnated dilemma.