Please Do Not Pursue Multi-purpose Outdoor LED Light PCB

Please do not pursue multi-purpose Outdoor LED Light PCB

Look at this time background, the government put forward the transformation and upgrading, Internet + era has become a barometer, a lot of Outdoor LED Light PCB manufacturers also gradually towards the limelight, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, deserve to go up in all the company's Outdoor LED Light PCB the Internet + function, it doesn't, do a mobile phone cross-industry millet in Outdoor LED Light PCB market, got a millet LED ball bubble lamp, it is said that with the APP dimming function, can use their phones to control, can change color, looks very new, but we think carefully, if the people buy more, this product is widely used, consider, as if the so-called 7 colour change colors LED ball bubble lamp or LED lamp, as if life really ah, not to use it with a mobile phone to operate a Outdoor LED Light PCB like is not very special, it's not like playing video games all the time to manipulate the controller, the Outdoor LED Light PCB as long as open, and use it every time you don't have the time to turn off just, just simple two or dimmer switch function, can use ordinary buttons control the line, why need to get a similar to play games, get a cell phone APP manipulation has what effect, no need.

Domestic many Outdoor LED Light PCB are a with agitation, in fact, this type of Outdoor LED Light PCB products in early a few years ago to have some Outdoor LED Light PCB manufacturer, similar to those of Outdoor LED Light PCB, LED panel light APP control is not a few, millet just road imitation of the wind, commissioned a OEM processing enterprises, innovation is the first beginning.

But this APP control intelligent Outdoor LED Light PCB, intelligent LED shoot the light, intelligent LED ceiling lamp was not sell well at home, is a concept of tide, and only a few young people to buy one or two to play, not widespread use.

Recently, some APP smart control Outdoor LED Light PCB and Outdoor LED Light PCB have not received good market reaction. Products need to innovate, but the Internet is not a simple to get a APP control is good, but also consider whether there is a need to, if there is a must, if it is not necessary, it is a waste, the function of the led products, the more natural the higher costs, but many are just merchants publicity function, fun but it is not practical. So, whether it's ultramodern sitting room the bedroom of Outdoor LED Light PCB, was first on the basis of basic lighting, there is no need to seek high function of so-called smart APP, spent a huge cost to buy a found useful in the end is not really a lot of Outdoor LED Light PCB.

Outdoor LED Light PCB industry already has a few years, many clients can is heading for the outdoor LED Lantern Festival, environmental protection, highlighting the characteristics, the pursuit of blindly high brightness is good, such as 3 watt LED lamp and LED ceiling lamp, requires very bright brightness to the brightness of the traditional daylight lamp is best, this is not realistic. Generally 18 watt Outdoor LED Light PCB tube, brightness already is the brightness of the traditional 40 watt fluorescent lamp tube, the effect is very good, the light is very strong, the electricity that saves 22 watts. There is a lot of energy to reduce emissions and reduce electricity and coal.

At present, the market generally article 15 watts Outdoor LED Light PCB brightness has reached the T5 lamp brightness before, so decoration engineering, Outdoor LED Light PCB article is often instead of T5 fluorescent tube is installed inside the dark slot, the counter is also widely used Outdoor LED Light PCB replacement. Easy to install, save energy and heat.

Actually, on different occasions have different standard of led lighting, customer blindly pursue high brightness, that is waste, also cause harm to people, the pursuit of high brightness, Outdoor LED Light PCB manufacturer might make engineering by high current, this leads to the droop and raised some failure rate of lamps and lanterns, so, identification of lighting requirements at the same time, choose to meet your requirements by outdoor led light is very important.

In this case, the consumers who do not understand Outdoor LED Light PCB will be consulted about the Outdoor LED Light PCB designer or the representative of the lamp manufacturer while purchasing Outdoor LED Light PCB. In order to get the right lighting requirements.