Selection Of Beads For PCB Circuit Design Techniques

1. Magnetic beads is measured in ohms, not hunt, pay special attention to this. Because the unit is in the of the bead to nominal impedance of a frequency, units of ohms of impedance. Beads on the DATASHEET will typically provide frequency and impedance curve, General 100MHz as a standard, such as 1000R 100MHz, meaning in 100MHz magnetic impedance equivalent to 600 ohms.

2. General filter is by loss of reactor components, its role in the line is the stopband frequencies reflected back to the source, so this type of filter is also known as reflection filter. When reflective filters and the signal source impedance does not match, there will be a part of the energy is reflected back to the source, cause interference level enhancement. To address this situation, you can filter on the line using ferrite rings or bead sets, ring or bead of HIV/AIDS on Eddy current losses of high frequency signal, into high heat loss. Magnetic rings and beads are actually absorbed by high frequency components, sometimes also called the absorption filters.