Several Reasons For The LED Light PCB Welding Process

Several reasons for the LED Light PCB welding process

In the process of production, there will always be a part of the lamp bead after the test of the post board, it is found that there is one, a string, several lamp beads cannot be lit up, to this phenomenon to make a summary:

1. Common welding methods can be divided into soldering iron welding, heating platform welding and reflow soldering, etc. :

A, electric welding is the most common, such as do sample, maintenance, since most existing manufacturer to save the cost, to buy back the soldering iron is unqualified inferior product more, mostly bad earth, there is leakage of welding in the process of it is in the leakage of the soldering iron tip - are soldered leds PCB, the human body, the earth to form A loop, that is equal to the dozens of times - hundreds of times the lamp bead on the voltage on the LED lights on the PCB, moment to burn it.

Note: electrostatic belt will be more severe, because when the body after electrostatic belt loop on the formation to the resistance of the smaller, through the body to the current of lamp bead will be bigger, it is also a lot of people say clearly with electrostatic belt or there are so many lights, damage of the problem.

B, heating platform welding caused the death of the lamp, due to the sample list of lamps and lanterns, most of enterprises in order to meet the needs of small batch and single sample, the equipment cost is low, the structure and the advantages of simple operation, heating platform has become one of the best production tools, however, LED Light PCB due to the use of the environment (such as: there is fan problems cannot be a constant temperature) proficiency in operating and welding speed and welding operators control became a cause of death of the lamp is bigger problem, another is the grounding of the equipment heating platform.

C, reflow soldering, general this kind of welding way is the most reliable mode of production, suitable for mass production and processing, if improper operation, will be more serious dead lamp consequences, such as the thermostat is not reasonable, the machine grounding etc.

2. Improper storage of the dead lamp:

This kind of problem is the most common, because do not pay attention to moistureproof issues after the bag is opened, because the lamp bead with silicone sealant for more material, according to a certain water absorption characteristics, be affected with damp be affected with damp, lamp bead strap after silica gel after high temperature of welding process will be heat bilges cold shrink, golden thread, chip, support engenders deformation gold displacement of fracture, light point not on phenomenon is created, it is recommended that: the LED PCB to stored in a dry ventilated environment, temperature for the storage and 40 ℃ to + 100 ℃, relative humidity below 85%; The LED Light PCB will be used within 3 months of its original packaging to avoid rust. When the LED PCB after the packing bag of kaifeng, want to use the as soon as possible, the storage temperature of 5 ℃ to 30 ℃, relative humidity below 60%.

3. Chemical cleaning:

Don't use of unknown chemical liquid to clean the LED PCB, because it may damage the LED PCB surface of colloid, colloid crack even, if necessary, LED Light PCB please use alcohol swabs under normal temperature ventilated environment cleaning, time had better control in wind finish in a minute.

4. Deformation causes death lamp:

Due to the condition of the deformation part of the lamp panel, the operator will go to plastic, because the board deformation occurs, above the lamp bead deformation along at the same time, also pulled gold wire, light is not on, best recommended for this type of the board in front of the production of plastic processing. Longer in production assembly and moving and also may cause the deformation of the gold line phenomenon. And then there is the piling up, and the process of production is so convenient that you can fold the panels at will, and because of the gravity, the lower layer of the light will be shaped and the gold thread will be damaged.

5. Heat dissipation structure, LED Light PCB power supply and lamp board mismatch:

Due to the unreasonable power supply design or selection, the power supply exceeds the maximum limit (supercurrent, instantaneous impact) of the PCB of the LED lamp. The heat dissipation structure of lamps and lanterns is unreasonable, can cause dead lamp and premature light to decline.

6. Factory grounding:

Must check whether the plant's total grounding line is good.