Share The Outdoor LED Light PCB Several Major Features

Share the Outdoor LED Light PCB several major features
What is the most environmentally friendly indoor lighting? Most money now, many people will choose to buy Outdoor LED Light PCB. Of course, the results of this show, with the advantages of Outdoor LED Light PCB are inseparable. Here, we look at the Outdoor LED Light PCB which features it?
① LED lamp cup with imported components, innovative design, energy saving significantly, convenient and practical, safe and reliable, long life, the product is the most environmentally friendly, most energy efficient lighting. LED lamp cup and incandescent compared to each year can save energy 101.52 degrees.
② ultra-high brightness LED as a light source, light color comfortable, soft, no flicker, no UV radiation, with small size, easy installation, can be arbitrarily adjusted projection angle, nice shape, the voltage can choose a large range: 12V 24V 110V 220V.
③ rich colors, mainly the following several colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful.
④ easy to install: the form of the interface, the domestic application of the B series, E27, MR16 interface, foreign applicable E series, GU series, MR series I can be customized.
⑤ wide range of applications: for corridors, toilets, corridors, hotels, bars, restaurants, the atmosphere to create, home lighting, ***, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, garden landscapes, engineering planning lighting.
In addition, the Outdoor LED Light PCB in the use of two places when you need special attention: Outdoor LED Light PCB only indoor use, protection class IP54; Outdoor LED Light PCB work to avoid hand. Hangzhou Zhongqiang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. supply all kinds of Outdoor LED Light PCB, if you need, you can contact us.
The following by the Outdoor LED Light PCB manufacturers introduced several common led energy-saving lamps and related features, as follows:
① street lights and road lights are mainly used for night lighting, is the most common kind of led energy saving lamp.
② solar street light to the sun for energy, battery energy storage, LED lights for the light source, daytime use at night, is also very environmentally friendly.
③ the wall lights so that the water washed like water as the wall, mainly used for building decorative lighting purposes, there are used to outline the outline of large buildings.
④ garden lights or lampshade most of the upward installation, lamp and lighthouse installed in the court, courtyard floor; especially for parks, street gardens, hotels and industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, schools and other places.
⑤ buried lamp body for the pressure or stainless steel and other materials, durable, impermeable water, excellent heat dissipation; surface cover 304 # cast stainless steel, corrosion, anti-aging; silicone seal, waterproof performance, High temperature, anti-aging; high-strength tempered glass, light transmission, light radiation width, load-bearing ability, all solid screws are made of stainless steel, protection class IP67, optional plastic embedded parts, easy installation and maintenance. Buried lights in the shape of the round there are round, widely used in shopping malls, parking, green belt, park tourism buried lights, tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban sculpture, pedestrian streets, building steps and other places, mainly buried On the ground, used to decorate or direct lighting purposes, there are used to wash the wall or according to the tree.