Teach You How To Identify The Quality Of Outdoor LED Light PCB Is Good Or Bad

Teach you how to identify the quality of Outdoor LED Light PCB is good or bad
  Now on the market a lot of Outdoor LED Light PCB, what kind of quality has, then how to identify the quality of Outdoor LED Light PCB is good or bad? First of all you have to understand the cost of Outdoor LED Light PCB from which aspects, according to my summary of Outdoor LED Light PCB cost is divided into five parts:
 Cost 1: shell and radiator
 Cost two: lamp beads (chip)
 Cost three: drive power (commonly known as transformer)
 Cost four: aluminum plate, lens, wire, accessories, packaging costs, loss, wages of workers
 Cost five: rent, utilities, tax, interest, management fees, manufacturers profits
   Through the above description, we can see the cost of Outdoor LED Light PCB from the front four, then I simply analyze how to identify the quality of Outdoor LED Light PCB are good or bad:
   1, Outdoor LED Light PCB shell and radiator Outdoor LED Light PCB shell and radiator materials used mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity than aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity than the PC is good, and now the radiator material in general With aluminum up, the best for the insert aluminum, aluminum car (aluminum, squeeze aluminum) followed, the worst is cast aluminum, insert the best aluminum heat dissipation! Resolve the shell and the radiator is good or bad, but also look at the shell and radiator thickness, height, accuracy, surface treatment. Shell radiator thickness and size, is directly related to the outdoor LED light cooling is good, Outdoor LED Light PCB cooling is very important, the same power factor Outdoor LED Light PCB and the same quality lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, light Beads work at high temperatures, the light will be very fast, the lamp life greatly reduced.
 2, Outdoor LED Light PCB bead: lamp quality depends on the quality of the chip and packaging technology.
Outdoor LED Light PCB drive power (commonly known as transformers): Outdoor LED Light PCB beads theoretical life of 5-10 million hours, but the power is the Outdoor LED Light PCB short board, the power supply is based on the quality of the quality is usually 3000-20000 More than a few hours of life, if the power is broken, the whole light will not light up.
    Power supply within the use of electronic components quality, design determines the power efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise, the service life. The higher the power efficiency, the better, the higher the power supply itself, the smaller the power consumption, the greater the output power, finished the lamp factory is to go through 24 hours of high and low voltage impact of the aging test, if the lamp failed at high and low The impact of the piezoelectric will soon be broken, after aging test can greatly improve the product's pass rate.
Outdoor LED Light PCB aluminum plate is mainly the lamp beads of heat conduction to the LED radiator scattered out of the aluminum plate material thermal conductivity and aluminum plate material alloy of other materials, if the addition of copper and other high thermal conductivity materials, aluminum plate The thermal conductivity of the material must be high, distinguish the quality of aluminum plate, the main look at the surface technology side, aluminum plate thermal conductivity, resistance to high pressure, after reflow soldering board will not be yellow. Outdoor LED Light PCB is generally a silicone lens, a good lens can enhance the LED light efficiency, the lens changes the LED light field distribution of the optical system. Outdoor LED light wire: Outdoor LED Light PCB on the use of the minimum cross-sectional area of 0.5mm / square. Some substandard products with a wire cross-sectional area of only 0.2mm / square, such a wire in the abnormal state, the wire will burn, the insulation layer burned after a short circuit, dangerous.
Rent, water, tax, interest, management fees, manufacturers profits The fifth cost is mainly based on the actual situation of various manufacturers, this is not one by one.Now the Outdoor LED Light PCB on the market quality and price is varied, Cohabitation, as to how to choose also depends on their own needs, in short, remember that if it is an ordinary family inside, the general family which does not Outdoor LED Light PCB as the main lighting