The Five Reasons Why Industrial Plants Choose LED Light PCB

The five reasons why industrial plants choose LED Light PCB
In the fast-paced industrial factory environment, it is essential to have enough lighting. Traditional industrial light is fluorescent tubes or halogen bulbs, but now there is another option - LED Light PCB. LED light PCB with light-emitting diode (LED) as a light source. Solid state lighting is not free of toxic gas mercury, no filament is not fragile glass surrounded. There is no break, smash, rupture, leakage or contamination of the presence of LED Light PCB is ideal for industrial environments.
With the development of LED Light PCB industry, more and more companies choose to use LED Light PCB in their stores, factories and offices, LED Light PCB can be installed in almost any location, and can be customized for any purpose. If you are considering installing a new LED Light PCB in your business, here are five reasons why the industrial plant chose LED Light PCB
1) Energy conservation - large companies, alternative to LED Light PCB can save more than traditional lighting. The current 18W LEDT8 lamp can replace the traditional 40W fluorescent tube, the use of LED Light PCB more effective and cost-effective.
2) long life - industrial LED Light PCB has a long life of about 50,000 hours. It is about 5-6 years of continuous use. The traditional fluorescent lamp only 3000-5000 hours, almost every year need to replace the lamp and starter, the use of LED Light PCB you not only save money, no need to buy replacement bulbs, you will reduce the need for expensive maintenance, it will not interfere with the work Area.
3) no delay - unlike other energy-saving light bulbs, LED Light PCB no delay. Once you turn on the power, the lamp becomes fully lit and lets you use your workspace immediately.
4) Durability - Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED Light PCB is more durable and resistant to shock, can withstand extreme temperatures. Because they can be used at higher or lower temperatures, they are ideal for outdoor lighting and the preferred product for indoor applications;
5) Environmental-LED Light PCB products can reduce their impact on the environment / surroundings. Industrial plants using LED Light PCBs are the right choice because LED Light PCB does not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, and they are fully recyclable.
Transportation vehicles such as bus and car lighting solutions not only take into account the problem of driving at night with the safety of vehicles, but also with energy consumption because of the global energy shortage. In the past, we used traditional light sources for vehicles. Shenzhen group Yao photoelectric to introduce you: LED Light PCB in the automotive application of the advantages
For example, the traditional fluorescent tube is used for public bus interior lighting. In this context, the global oil reserves have been reduced with each passing day, new energy is still not let go, energy-saving emission reduction has become a very effective way to solve the problem of energy shortages.
There are tens of thousands of vehicles around the world, if each vehicle can use a new light source to change their traditional fluorescent tubes, reduce energy consumption, energy efficiency will be very impressive. Or you can view the use of LED Light PCB tube will significantly reduce power consumption
What is the replacement of all the lamps? The answer is LED Light PCB. LED light source is not only very energy efficient, and very durable. Today, more and more car manufacturers use their LED Light PCB for their vehicles. Vehicle lighting using LED Light PCB will become more and more popular.