The Market Share Occupied By Outdoor LED Light PCB Is Not Large At Present

the market share occupied by Outdoor LED Light PCB is not large at present
Although the new led integrated grid light has obvious advantages in indoor lighting applications, the market share occupied by Outdoor LED Light PCB is not large at present. According to statistics from the Polytechnic LED Industry Research Institute, the sales volume of the Outdoor LED Light PCB market in mainland China was 1.6 billion yuan in 2013, with a slow growth rate.
"Due to the high unit price of early Outdoor LED Light PCB, the initial input cost of the users is relatively large, the energy-saving efficiency of the products is relatively low, and the time for the cost recovery is relatively long. Most users do not have a strong purchase or replacement desire. Therefore, Disk has not yet caused a strong impact. "
At the same time Tu also expressed a similar view: "The new integrated Outdoor LED Light PCB rise in the LED era, it is a new product, the current consumer groups are relatively small, and our sales are only slowly growing." Memories Three years ago when the company completed hundreds of Outdoor LED Light PCB sales a month is already considered a good performance. Since last year, the company's Outdoor LED Light PCB sales have been rapid growth.
Tu Chuanhu believes that Outdoor LED Light PCB installed on the ceiling function similar to traditional grille lights, and in many jobs, commercial occasions and places of life, Outdoor LED Light PCB have shown a tendency to replace traditional grille lights. "Although not completely universal, but has been popular in various decoration company in the case of the same size, the Outdoor LED Light PCB brightness is 1.5 times the traditional grid lights, the wattage is only 1 of the traditional grid lights /2."
To the small Q said that since the end of 2011, the sales of Outdoor LED Light PCB in their own stores have been greatly increased. However, he pointed out to Tuzhuanhu that Outdoor LED Light PCB start from the age of LED is not agree with the lighting sales in nearly 20 years of experience Lin Shangyao think this lack of rigor.
"In fact, Outdoor LED Light PCB have appeared in the traditional era, but the name is not called Outdoor LED Light PCB, called lamp panel." Lin Yao said. He also pointed out that LED lighting products, the main market is now in the replacement market, that is, the traditional LED lamps to replace the light source. Therefore, Outdoor LED Light PCB market growth, but also shows that they replace the traditional lamp panel upgrade.
Market shows that the current home-based Outdoor LED Light PCB, the more popular style is integrated ceiling installation, 600 * 600 size is the largest demand. The engineering category is to 600 * 600,600 * 1200 and other large-size products, which is mainly to replace household kitchen lamps and commercial fluorescent lamp.
"It is still hard to believe that Outdoor LED Light PCB will have a big impact on the traditional grid light market because the Outdoor LED Light PCB are the same product type as the conventional grid lights, in line with the replacement principle of old and new light sources. However, Outdoor LED Light PCB Brightness compared to traditional grille light not much advantage, because the traditional grille can also be replaced by their own traditional LED tube light, and do not change the structure.