To Improve The Quality Of Car Light PCB

To improve the quality of Car Light PCB

As an important part of the landscape, outdoor car lamp PCB not only shows the means of landscape concept, but also is the main part of the spatial framework of outdoor activities at night. The scientific, normative and humanized outdoor headlight PCB is of great practical significance for improving the quality of landscape and exterior image and improving the quality of life of the owner.

1. Application scope

Landscape structures, small products, plants, hard pavement lighting. Mainly arranged in hard pavement lighting facade, lawn area lighting tree and so on; It is not suitable to decorate the shrub area to light the trees and the facade, so that the light forms too many shadows and dark areas; When arranged in the lawn area, Car Light PCB the glass surface is 2 to 3 cm higher than the lawn, so that the water will not flood the glass.

2. Selection requirements

Light color

Suitable for the lighting environment, Car Light PCB the natural color temperature range of 2000-6500k should be adopted. According to the color of the plant, adjust the lighting temperature according to the color of the plant. If the evergreen plants should be used 4200K color, the red leaf type should be used for 3000K color temperature.

Car lamp PCB form

In does not affect plant growth and damage to plant planting soil ball and root system is not under the premise of the lawn area of trees with adjustable Angle, Car Light PCB buried lights were selected according to the lighting plants, type, a thin branch tree is decorated in the root a narrow buried lights light direct way; Luxuriant tall trees can be arranged 1-2 sets of polarizing lamp lighting around 3m. Ball shrubs are decorated with wide light or astigmatic lamp PCB. The coronal asymmetrical trees are illuminated by a set of adjustable Angle buried lamps.

3. PCB technology of headlights

Choose lamp to cover the ground lamp with chamfer treatment, after installation, apply waterproof glue or glass glue seal to the edge of the Car Light PCB.

4. Installation process

No embedded parts

Specification installation, adopt embedded parts. The hard pavement is slightly larger than the diameter of the lamp, but less than the diameter of the steel ring.

Water vapor enters the phenomenon

1) must be in the process of directly detecting light PCB waterproof level to ensure more than IP67 (methods: buried lights in birdbath, 5 cm from the surface, the glass surface electric commissioning 48 hours, every two hours during open closed six times or so, check the waterproof case of heating cooling condition).

2) wire joint sealing should be: general wiring mouth buried lights have special sealing rubber ring and stainless steel firmware, first of all, Car Light PCB the cable through the rubber ring, then tighten the firmware to stainless steel wire can't pull out the sealing rubber ring, at the same time into the line must be used when connected to terminal waterproof connector, Car Light PCB wiring is completed on the edge of the box or the glue seal internal filling wax processing.

3) construction for underground water seepage treatment for layout on the lawn area, lamp appropriate USES separate next big trapezoidal cylindrical embedded parts, for rigid area appropriate USES round barrel embedded parts, installed in each of the buried lights do permeable layer of gravel and sand.

4) open the face cover when the lamp is installed, and the light PCB is put on the rear cover at 30 hours after the light is installed, Car Light PCB so that the inner cavity of the car lamp is kept in a vacuum, and the lamp is pressed to cover the sealing ring with atmospheric pressure.