Why Do Outdoor LED Light PCB Age?

Why do Outdoor LED Light PCB age?

In general, as a new energy LED energy-saving technology came into use in the early stages of will appear a certain degree of droop, the material is not good if our Outdoor LED Light PCB or in the production operation is not standard, the product will appear dim light, flashing, fault, the phenomenon such as intermittent light, make Outdoor LED Light PCB not as expected as long service life.

Quality problems to prevent Outdoor LED Light PCB, to control the welding quality of encapsulation invalidation, aging test was carried out on the Outdoor LED Light PCB, to ensure the reliability of electronic products, this is the most essential step in the process of production, in the process of the aging temperature adaptability test, there are analog voltage area (high, medium and low) impact test and destructive test, and online monitoring drive power supply techniques such as current, voltage and product changes.

If there is no aging process, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, at any time in the initial stage of use of the failure, this will be large manufacturers of the cost. By comparison, the product in the market through professional before aging, ready for the inspection, has improved the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, and greatly increase the efficiency of the stability of the late, it yields significantly increase than the former.

So how do Outdoor LED Light PCB age? Generally, the following two methods:

First, constant current constant pressure aging. The constant current aging is the most consistent with the working characteristics of the LED current, which simulates the use of Outdoor LED Light PCB in a normal environment, and then the quality and color of the lamps are observed.

Second, overcurrent shock aging. This is the latest aging method adopted by the manufacturer, adjusting the frequency and adjusting the current to determine the life of the LED in a short time to check out the hidden Outdoor LED Light PCB.

April 26 is world intellectual property day. When it comes to patents, the amount of patent power in ancient towns has climbed year by year, reaching 7498 in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 39.56 percent. On the one hand, the number of patents can indicate that the design strength has been enhanced and the awareness of the rights protection has been enhanced. On the other hand, it also shows that the industry has become more and more enterprises.

In the lighting industry, compared with the world, there is no doubt that China's ancient towns have an absolute advantage over the number of patents. It is also time to reflect on whether a paper certificate can resist the wind of plagiarism. The direction of effort is not only the design ability, but whether this number can represent the difficulty of safeguarding rights and activating the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation.

Currently, Outdoor LED Light PCB are mainly owned by foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises and some excellent private enterprises. Among them, foreign-funded enterprises have advanced management and environmental protection concepts, accept LED early, and have a clear requirement for the relevant knowledge and technical parameters of Outdoor LED Light PCB products. In order to implement the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, state-owned enterprises have started to replace the light source with LED. Some excellent private enterprises, in order to control the cost of production, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, also gradually accept Outdoor LED Light PCB.